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October 17 2010
Simulation Software GreenNet-Europe
2 April 2010
Action Plan GreenNet-Incentives
16 April 2009
Dissemination Conference Prague
15 April 2009
Dissemination Conference Zagreb
1 April 2009
Dissemination Conference Bucharest

Welcome to the project website GreenNet-Europe: Guiding Large Scale and Least Cost Grid and Market Integration of RES-Electricity in Europe.

GreenNet-Europe incorporates a series of different projects having been supported in different programmes of the European Commission in recent years (GreenNet (2003-2004); GreenNet-EU27 (2005-2006); GreenNet-Incentives (2006-2009)). Several of these projects have been coordinated by Energy Economics Group (EEG) at Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

Energy Economics Group (EEG), together with several partners of the consortia in the different projects, tries to establish a common understanding on large scale and least cost grid and market integration of RES-Electricity in Europe under a variety of different constraints (e.g. technical, economical, legal, societal) and energy policy settings. In particular, GreenNet-Europe emphasises the necessity of a convergence of different coexisting policies of RES-Electricity grid and market integration (e.g. renewable technology support policy, grid regulation policy, unbundling implementation policy) as well as comprehensively addresses also the grid operatorís and system operatorís point-of-view in this context.

In GreenNet-Europe a variety of different products have been developed, e.g. simulation software tools, empirical data bases, policy recommendation reports, presentations, and brochures. The portfolio of outputs of GreenNet-Europe is continuously extended and several of these products and materials are available on this website free of charge. In GreenNet-Europe also comprehensive dissemination activities are conducted in order to reach several key decision makers and stakeholders (incl. their associations) in the field of large scale RES-Electricity grid and market integration, as there are e.g. policy makers, regulatory authorities, RES-E generators, system operators, grid operators and end-users.

GreenNet-Europe incorporates a series of different projects having been supported in the Framework & IEE Programmes of the European Commission: GreenNet (2003-2004); GreenNet-EU27 (2005-2006); GreenNet-Incentives (2006-2009). The sole responsibility for the content of this website lies with the authors. It does not represent the opinion of the Community. The European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.