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In GreenNet-Europe many different products have been developed (e.g. simulation software tools, empirical data bases, policy recommendation reports, presentations as well as further dissemination and marketing materials). The portfolio of outputs of GreenNet-Europe is continuously extended and several of these products and materials are available in the download section of this website free of charge.

Within the different categories of deliverables the report is the most common one. The outcomes of almost all activities conducted in GreenNet-Europe up to now (methods, modelling approaches, empirical data, case study analyses, simulation results, policy recommendations) are summarized in different reports.

Another important deliverable is the comprehensive empirical data set embedded into the simulation software tool GreenNet-Europe. Selected extracts of the different kinds of country-specific empirical data (RES-Electricity potentials and cost, grid connection and grid reinforcement cost, system balancing and system adequacy cost, storage cost) are available for the public.

A comprehensive portfolio of different printed and electronic dissemination and marketing materials (presentations, posters, brochures, leaflets, position papers, teaching and education materials) has been developed summarizing the highlights of the different facts, outcomes, results and policy recommendations tailor-made to the different target groups in the field of RES-E electricity grid and market integration (e.g. decision makers, stakeholders, market actors, end-user, students, others).

The most prominent public available deliverable, finally, is the simulation software tool GreenNet-Europe, modelling dynamic time paths of least cost RES-Electricity grid and market integration in the different European countries up to the year 2020 for a variety of different parameter settings, RES-Electricity support and grid regulation policies and other regulatory constraints. The simulation software tool GreenNet-Europe (incl. manual) is delivered as a CD-ROM free of charge. If you are interested into this software tool just send an email to the coordinator of the project GreenNet-Europe: Hans Auer auer@eeg.tuwien.ac.at