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In this section selected marketing materials (posters, brochures, leaflets) are available for download summarizing the most important facts and outputs of the different projects having been conducted within GreenNet-Europe in recent years.

Incentivising RES-E grid integration

487 kb
This brochure comprises a synopsis of the core topic of the GreenNet-Incentives project: How to provide a favourable economic framework for infrastructure investments dedicated to efficient RES-E grid integration from the viewpoint of grid operators.

The software tool GreenNet-Europe

504 kb
This brochure introduces the GreenNet-Europe simulation software and presents selected results derived from the recently updated and extended model.

GreenNet-Incentives Expert Discussion Platforms

507 kb
This brochure summarizes the topics, which had been presented and discussed in the course of 5 expert discussion platforms on different aspects of RES-E grid and system integration.

GreenNet-Incentives Stakeholder Consultation

470 kb
This brochure gives an introduction into the evaluation of stakeholders' opinion, which has been investigated in the GreenNet-Incentives project.

GreenNet-Incentives - Fact Sheet

112 kb
This fact sheet summarizes expected and achieved results and lessions learnt from the project GreenNet-Incentives. It also includes information on the project consortium and formal project characteristics.

GreenNet-Incentives - Poster

1.20 mb
This poster gives an overview over the project GreenNet-Incentives.

GreenNet-EU27 - Synthesis of Results

6.21 mb
This brochure presents the synthesis of results on least cost RES-E grid and market integration based on case study analyses of RES-E projects and modelling based on the simulation software GreenNet-Europe.

GreenNet-EU27 - Modelling RES-E Integration

6.17 mb
This brochure presents selected results on least cost RES-E grid and market integration modelling based on the simulation software tool GreenNet-Europe.

GreenNet-EU27 - System Operation

6.17 mb
This brochure presents a methodology for the determination of extra system balancing and system capacity cost for different shares of intermittent RES-E penetration on EU-country level (top-down approach).

GreenNet-EU27 - System Stability

6.26 mb
This brochure presents different case study analyses on system stability (frequency stability, small signal stability, transient stability) in systems with large amounts of intermittent wind generation.

GreenNet-EU27 - RES-E Potentials

6.19 mb
This brochure presents empirical data on potentials and cost for RES-E generation on EU-country level in the EU-27 region.